Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The World of Autism

There have been a number of articles and updates on the Autism Spectrum Front. Check out the latest research on the genetic level

This is progress of a sort, but not really helpful in the short term for parents, family and people with the spectrum. Gene links--genetic markers-- how does that help someone know not to go out a window, fire burns or how to look someone in the eyes when they talk? (Sigh)

60 Minutes also did a piece on autism research, which I didn't get to see. But it looks like more science experiments on people with disabilities. Check it out, and see what you think:
A video and a text version of the story will be posted there as well after it airs.

There is also some good news-- of a sort. A study that being a sibling of a child or children with a disability does not psychologically scar you for life.

That was the old rationale for putting kids 'in the home'-- protect the abled bodied children. Now research shows it doesn't hurt, sometimes it makes a more sensitive, caring sibling, and sometimes sibs end of stressed and neurotic.

A mixed bag-- just like being anyone's sibling...


mcewen said...

Nice round - up. Reassuring that we've reached a similar conclusion = siblings, it's a kaleidoscope.

Arlene Wilson said...

Truly! Life is full of challenges or opportunites for personal growth-- it is all about the perspective that the individual takes.