Friday, June 22, 2007

Misunderstood Minds

PBS Documentary on Learning Disabilities "Misunderstood Minds"

For one in five students, learning is an exhausting and
frustrating struggle. Often mistakenly called "lazy" or "stupid"
by their teachers, classmates, and even their families, these
children may be suffering from debilitating learning problems. If
not addressed, the problems can have a devastating impact on the
students' self-esteem and future academic and social success.

The PBS documentary "Misunderstood Minds" shines a spotlight on
this painful subject, following the stories of five families as,
together with experts, they try to solve the mysteries of their
children's learning difficulties. Produced and directed by Michael
Kirk, this 90-minute special shows the children's problems in a
new light, and serves as a platform to open a nationwide dialogue
on how best to manage young, vulnerable, and misunderstood minds.

Parents, teachers, and students looking for the scientific
explanations behind learning differences and strategies to aid
success in school can find both on the companion website for
"Misunderstood Minds." The site includes profiles of the students
in the documentary, as well as sections on Attention, Reading,
Writing, and Mathematics. Interactive activities, called
Experience Firsthand, are designed to give site visitors a sense
of what it may be like for a student struggling with a basic

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