Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ADA Disability Law and Policy- A National Audio-Conference

Tuesday December 18

2 - 3:30 pm EST

Peter Blanck, JD, Ph.D, Chair, Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse

Reviewing previous research efforts, this session sets out a
blueprint for the role of research, policy, and law in advancing the
civic, economic and social participation of persons with disabilities
in a global society. It reviews past public policy efforts and
research findings regarding workers with disabilities. It discusses
current and future research initiatives on the cutting edge of
promoting successful employment outcomes for people with
disabilities. The discussion presents promising research
methodologies in multidisciplinary field disability and employment
research. Finally, our presenter will put forth challenges and
opportunities for research, policy, and legal initiatives, framing a
blueprint for the next quarter century.

Cost per site (regardless of the number of participants at each site)
$25 for nonprofits, individuals and government agencies
$40 for businesses

Sessions are 90 minutes and delivered by telephone (call in to a toll
free phone number that you can access after you register).
Participants are in a "listen-only" mode until the question and
answer period. The sessions are offered real-time captioned on the web.

Audio conferences are a great way to get information without
traveling. You sit in your office or home or at any telephone and
call in. If you have a speaker phone invite your colleagues to

Registration is at www.ada-audio.org

If you have problems/questions with registration: the Great Lakes ADA
Center at 312-413-1407 voice/tty

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