Sunday, February 03, 2008

Voluntary Suicide Bomber with Down's Syndrome?

I felt the need to express my anger and revulsion at the Iraqi people this week. There was another suicide bombing last week. This one was of note to me, as more information trickled in The suicide bomber mistimed the US convoy-- no damage occurred to Americans, only to herself. Subsequent information disclosed that it was two women with a disability-- believed to be Down's Syndrome.

Shame on the Iraqi insurgents-- the whole suicide bomber thing is a cultural orientation that we do not share. (I get that.) However, it is based upon personal choice and the ability to knowingly understand and consent. I am not so sure that the persons recruited were able to give consent and fully understand what it was they were suppose to do. (Evidenced by the person watching the convoy, letting it all go by, and then blowing themselves up.)

Or maybe they DID understand what was wanted of them, and did not want to do it. They may have seen they had no other option- failure would not be tolerated. There is a posting about this on JFActivist blog (on the left margin under Disability Diaspora)-- and some additional research which shows this is not an abboration, but an ongoing strategy.

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