Friday, June 20, 2008

Tennessee has seen the Light- thanks to ADAPT!

People who say activism and civil disobedience are ineffective tools of social change, take note...

The ADAPT Community can celebrate a VICTORY for Tennesseans! Because of the
actions of many, definitely including the 2006 National ADAPT Action in
Nashville and the Real People, Real Voices Day of Testimony the Tennessee
General Assembly has passed and Governor Bredesen has signed the Tennessee
Long Term Care Community Choices Act!

Wednesday June 18, 2008 during the bill signing in Memphis Governor Bredesen saw many
local ADAPTers holding up signs reading "OUR HOMES not nursing homes". (The Governor was beseiged in 2006 by protesters at the Capitol. To his surprised, and the Conserative media, access to community based services is not a racial, age, Democratic or Republican issue. It cuts across all socio-economic lines of demarcation.)He went on to say that, "We must also thank the advocates that worked so hard to keep this issue in the forefront over the years."

To read the bill, as amended go to


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