Monday, July 21, 2008

PEF Action Alert

PEF Asks for Action for Blind & Deaf Children:

Help Ensure that Parents of Blind and Deaf Children Are Aware of Valuable State Services. PEF members employed by the State School for the Blind in Batavia and the State School for the Deaf in Rome provide unique services to one of the state?s most vulnerable populations. The schools provide residential and day programs to blind and deaf children with multiple disabilities.

Unfortunately, some parents of eligible children may not even be aware that these exceptional schools exist. A9511, which has passed the Assembly and the Senate, would require reasonable measures be taken so that parents of blind and deaf children are informed about the Schools for the Blind and the Deaf. This will help ensure that parents of disabled children have knowledge of all options available to them when the decision of how best to provide services to their children is made.

Tell Governor Paterson to sign A9511A.

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