Saturday, July 31, 2010

NYS Groundbreaking Consumer Directed Program Under Attack

The Center for Disability Rights is under attack - Tell Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks to Restore the CDPAS Contract by phone and in person!

The Center for Disability Rights is under attack by the Monroe County
Executive, Maggie Brooks. Without warning, on July 22nd, CDR received a
terse, 5 sentence letter informing us of the contract termination with
no explanation included. All of our CDPAS consumers received a letter
the same day telling them that the county is terminating its contract
with CDR and that they have until just August 1st to choose from one of
five for-profit agencies for their Consumer Directed Personal

The next day, CDR received from a friend in the local media, a copy of a
three page letter from the County Executive to the media. The letter
was filled with blatant falsehoods mixed with misunderstandings of the
roles of CDR and the county in the CDPAS program. Here is CDR's letter
to Maggie Brooks debunking her allegations against CDR:

Videos of
consumers refuting the county's charges
show the reality of people with disabilities having their personal control and independence taken away.

Share these; make them go viral as meanwhile, Brooks continues to use
the media as a buffer to not have to talk with us. Many more documents
available on CDR's website.

Our consumers and their attendants have been thrown into chaos and Ms.
Brooks refuses to talk to them. Nearly 300 consumers are in danger of
losing their attendants and possibly their services outright.

Currently consumers, supporters and staff have camped out in front of
the County Building on Main Street in Rochester. We have been out there
24/7 since Monday and will continue until this is over.

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