Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Spring Cleaning For My [Blog] House...And Why I Write

I have made a few changes to 'freshen up' the visual appearance of my blog. I have also puttered around Google and noted some of the new changes [mostly good] and have checked out the new dashboard [basement wiring/plumbing] and was pleasantly surprised at my readership.

Especially around the big news story yesterday on Autism and weight.

There is an old adage, "To those who much is given, much is expected."So, Researching Readers, I will make sure of all the new technology [Smart Phones, emails forwarding, etc.] to make sure I am posting more frequently, as pertinent news and information about Autism Spectrum Disorder populates our world.

My youngest, whom my college buddy correctly characterizes as 'leaning on the Asperberger fence" is doing well in an 11th grade charter school. We have 'compromised' on SAT special subjects prep by him playing  Free Rice  instead of reviewing the Kaplan book. [He gets to have a school break week filled with Wii.]

He is aware that he is differently able, and is learning to be both patient with those not as bright/witty and insightful as himself [Sheldon Cooper is a greater Anti-Role Model for the importance of social skills].

And he is what got he started on gleaning all sources for information, strategies, Old Wives Tales, etc. on Autism Spectrum Disorder. [I am glad it has evolved to be  spectrum-- not so sure how I feel about the disorder...]

So, we are [somewhat] patient with the DVD recording EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of The Big Bang Theory but I am also a little excited about Stephen Hawkins appearing on the episode tonight.

...and maybe Cal Tech or MIT may be entered in my GPS next year...or Unknown U., where my ASD son may get to have his own lab and research something I cannot spell or understand.

Here's to hoping!

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