Monday, May 07, 2012

Moblity Awareness Month

There is a contest to give away three [3] wheelchair accessible vans.

A nice lady at the YMCA asked me to vote or her grandson; he is the joy in her life.

Oscar is three years old and has SMA [Spinal Muscular Atrophy].

Here is some more information about Oscar:

In March, just weeks ago, Oscar got his “go power chair,” a motorized wheelchair, which he is already driving with skill and precision. He can now fully explore our house and yard, play tag with the neighbors, zoom in and out of rooms and to or away from us; he is able, therefore, for the first time, to truly assert his independence. However, this over 200-pound chair won’t fit into our sedan. Oscar is stuck relying on others to push his stroller or manual wheelchair at preschool, at birthday parties, at parks and museums—wherever he goes. In order for Oscar to explore the world beyond his own backyard, he needs a van. At an average cost of $40,000, just $5,000 less than our annual income, purchasing a fully accessible van is nearly impossible for our family.


Here is the link for the contest updates-- Oscar is trending in the top five percent.

1 comment:

Future Doc Wilson said...

Oscar was not selected for the power chair :( but don't lose heart.

Several kind souls are going to have an October 7th fundraiser-- stay tuned!