Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dissertation Warming Trend Ahead

  • Good news! University of Phoenix has decided to let those in the last dissertation course enroll for the independent study course for dissertation writing of chapter four (research) even if the proposal his not been approved! This is a good news, bad news thing. The good news is the process is not on hold, as most people (count -0) have been able to:
  • take classes
  • write proposal
  • have a life
  • get committee approval
  • have a life
  • not get divorced
  • go to work
  • have a life...(you see the pattern)

The bad news is that for those who have not written their proposal (ie. First three chapters of their dissertation yet) it looks like a long, cold winter in ABD (all but dissertation) Land. If if isn't done by now, five more weeks is not going to get it there.

Also, of the ten in my cohort, only about four have even submitted a first draft to their committee chair. (Forget about the rest of the Gang of Three!) They have yet to:

  • have their feelings hurt
  • feel highly ignorant
  • feel highly illiterate
  • experience mid-grade depression
  • take to the bed
  • question why they put themselves through this is the first place.

Me, myself, I have to climb that last proposal own personal Mr. Smith (like in the Matrix), and I am Neo.

So, now..I don't run, but turn around and battle (ie. make the nth set of corrections and Battle the Matrix for their acceptance).

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