Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dissertation Cold Front Ahead..

It has been almost two weeks since I sent in my recent proposal to my dissertation committee. As the time lengthened, I started to become more optimistic, figuring it has been approved. (I tend to be an optimist in general.) I also got an email form my academic advisory wanting to clarify who all would be on my committee. So, I put two and two together, and got twenty-two. But I then got the cold front from the committee member-- its not soup yet. (Sigh...)

But if life is not easy, at least it gives you some good with the bad. My second article in the SAS (School of Advanced Studies) Post was well received, and one person wants to add it to the curriculum for the EdD program at UOP in Michigan! Hurrah! (They like me...they really like me!!)

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