Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Loosing Momentum...I think I need a Pepsy

I am well on the way to chapter four of my dissertation:
I have my note cards for Grounded theorizing,
I have my data categorized, with section tabs, in specific binders
I have drafts of my proposal on CD, thumb drivers and my PC and laptop
I have seminal reference texts...

But I am alone and tired...
I am missing the interaction of the group for meetings, chatroom discussions, IM cross conversations...sigh.

I have been looking at the sculpture of Susan B. and Frederick Douglass entitled "Let's Have Tea" by Pepsy Kettavong. I have gone and seen it in person, several times, and it motivates me. I am hoping to meet with him to get permission to use it for a metaphorical imagery in my research.

Metaphors motivate me. (Three M's...oooh!)

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Arlene Wilson said...

I have obtained Pepsy Kettavong's permission to reference his work and several photographs. (Must remember to cite the photographer.)

I also obtained a DVD of the documentary behind the making of the statue.