Monday, June 05, 2006

The Season of Doom and despair

This doctoral journey can be compared to a rollercoaster ride, or a the experience of bipolar disorder, without the personal chemistry.

I achieved committee approval of my proposal, only to be tormented in new, and creative ways by the ARB process. I have submitted by proposal packet four, count them, four times to the forms review chick.

Ways to thwart the Doctoral Student in the ARB Process

1. DO NOT tell them what is required on the forms

2. DO NOT explain how to subscribe to the newsgroups to submit a proposal packet.

3. When documents do not meet standards, do not tell the student why they are deficient.

4. Do not send any helpful information in writing.

5. When a student calls, do not provide any information, unless directly asked.

The further I go in the process, the more I understand why doctoral students:

1. Get depressed
2. Get manic
3. Quit.

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