Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Don't Mess with Me-- I have a 504 Plan!

I have created a Teenage Advocacy Monster!

He prowls the hall of a public school, that shall not be named:
  1. seeking lairs to use for private test taking
  2. bouncing other kids from the library study carrels
  3. running teachers from unofficial break areas

He marks his territory:
  1. setting up time to use the computer lab for his test modification that can be administered
  2. setting up time after school or during study halls to have his extended time test modification

He stalks him prey:

  1. commanding the Building Specialist (code language for Special Education Teacher) to get get him out of class based tests
  2. ratting out teacher non compliance to the Building Coordinator of Special Education
  3. demanding his test modifications from teachers
  4. reminding teachers about his test modifications
  5. demanding again his test modifications

He takes his prize:

  1. He gets his test modifications
  2. He doesn't feel the need to explain his test modifications to peers
  3. He brags about his test modifications when he gets good grades and others fail
  4. He brings home his test and quiz grades-- WITHOUT BEING ASKED

I have created a monster.

I am so proud!!

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