Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How do you spell Elliot (Spitzer)?

Today was the last day of the legislative calendar in New York State. Legislators returned to the Capitol Building Complex (euphemistically called 'The Egg') to pass a flurry of end-of-the-session, go-out-with-a-bang, give-ourselves-a-quick-raise, and not-pass-too-much-that-while-l make-those-who-didn't re-elect a lot of us happy.

So, we are left, like a prom date, after the big fanfare, hoopla, and romance are done, wondering "What comes next?"

We have a New Governor (Eliot is spelled with one L) and Lieutenant Governor Patterson-- the first blind or visually impaired official at this level. There are more websites (election, write in your opinion, transition team, inauguration, online ads, and Hevesi spin doctoring) and levels of social marketing in this administration than you can shake a stick at. The inauguration is shaping up to be uber PC-- with representation from organizations, vendors, business across the state, to make Jesse Jackson's concept of the rainbow coalition look monochromatic.

Meanwhile, we are still wondering if this 'relationship' with Eliot is going to work out or not.....

Stay tuned.

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