Thursday, January 04, 2007

Least Restrictive Environment LRE

Everyone loves freebies, so here is one

Guide to Resources for Promoting Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Practices

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PLEASE FORWARD/CIRCULATE WIDELY WITHOUT FURTHER PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR:Folks - Below is link to a really gorgeous new resource - produced for OSEP - and it relates to a ton of things, not just "LRE" per se. There is a section in here on PBIS which includes a piece on how to evaluate a school-wide PBIS project/program; much on curriculum-based measurement (i.e., frequent objective tests/quizzes/"probes" to see if a student is learning what s/he is supposed to be learning ...These materials can be used in two distinctly different ways: 1) Since they're "official," i.e., OSEP-sponsored, they can be used to help convince school/district/SEA folks to do what's in them, the way they suggest, and 2) They can be used in hearings and litigations to show that a school/district (or even individual teacher) is NOT using a best practice, or recommended method/procedure ... There's even a link to a web page which tells parents how to go about getting curriculum-based measurement (objective!) implemented for their children ..Since these materials are written for school folk, they're pretty much done in very plain language, with complicated concepts explained in very simple, easily-comprehensible ways.Dee Alpert, PublisherSpecialEducationMuckraker.com

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