Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MS General Information

There are some links to a variety of topics about MS. Please feel free to share these with anyone who may need it.

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/tools/1/multiple_sclerosis_quiz) _Arm Yourself against MS_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/tools/1/multiple_sclerosis_quiz) Learn new therapies to help you_ manage your symptoms._ ( http://www.webmd/.

<> com/content/tools/1/multiple_sclerosis_quiz) _Vaccine to Reverse the Effects of MS _

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/pages/26/115077.htm) _Get WebMD-trusted information when you Google!_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/pages/26/114984.htm) _Early Results Promising for MS Drug_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/article/127/116686.htm) _Treating the Patient, Not Just the Pain_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/article/121/114108.htm) _Controlling a Relapse_ ( http://www.webmd/.

<> com/hw/multiple_sclerosis/hw191022.asp) _Join the MS message board_ ( http://boards/.

<> _Quiz: Living Well with MS_ ( http://www.webmd/.

<> com/content/tools/1/multiple_sclerosis_quiz) _Don't Let Overactive Bladder Embarrass You_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/tools/1/quiz_quality_of_life.htm) _Romance, dating with MS: No need to hide_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/Article/120/113800.htm) _Diagnosis MS: Early Treatment is Best_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/solutions/diagnosis-multiple-sclerosis) _Living With MS: MS in the Workplace_

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/Article/117/112732.htm) _Find a Physician_ ( http://www.webmd/.

<> com/pages/dir/toc.asp?sponsor=core&z=1827_00000_2209_wk_03) _ How Does Geography Affect MS?_ ( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/healthwise/60/15015.htm) _Resources for Caring for Someone with MS._

( http://www.webmd/. <> com/content/article/57/66149.htm) Questions about your medication?

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